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Time and Expense Management

The Time and Expense course will teach users to setup and configure the module, enter, submit and approve expense receipts, time activities and time cards.  The following lessons are included in the module:

Time and Expense Setup

  • Time and Expense Overview (video above)
  • Exploring Activities
  • Time and Expense Configuration
  • Enabling Time Card and Time Tracking
  • Earning Types
  • Activity Types
  • Assignment for Approvals

Time Card and Time Activities

  • Entering Time Card
  • Entering Time Activities
  • Time Card Approval and Release
  • Approval and Release of Time Activities
  • Entering Equipment Time Cards

Processing Expense Claims

  • Expense Receipts
  • Expense Claims
  • Expense Claim Approval
  • Expense Claim Release
  • Billing Expense Claims