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General Ledger

The General Ledger is the core of the Acumatica Financial Management Suite. This course is split into three sections:

1) General Ledger Configuration
2) General Ledger Functions
3) Financial Year Closing

  • GL Preferences (video above)
  • Setting up the Financial Year
  • Generating Financial Periods
  • Activating Financial Periods
  • Customizing the Screen Grid in Acumatica ERP
  • Creating a Batch
  • Releasing and Posting Batches
  • Reversing a Batch
  • Making an Auto-Reversing Batch
  • Searching for a Batch
  • Creating a Recurring Batch
  • Reviewing the Trial Balance
  • Generating the Transactions for Period Report
  • Generating the Transactions for Account Report
  • Closing a Financial Period
  • Closing a Financial Year
  • Posting a Transaction to a Closed Period