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Nonprofit Accounting Suite

The Nonprofit Accounting Suite is a powerful enhancement created for nonprofit organizations inside of Acumatica ERP. In this course, you’ll learn about the functionality and setup involved in using NonProfitPlus. We’ll review the three core modules of the suite in this course: Fund Management Grant Management, and Encumbrance Accounting. In addition, we’ll learn about additional bonus features that are found throughout Acumatica once the Nonprofit Accounting Suite is enabled, such as Distribution Codes to quickly allocate expenses and Budget Checking to make sure you are always staying within the board approved budget.

Fund Management

  • The Nonprofit Accounting Suite (video above)
  • Distribution Codes
  • Fund Accounting Overview
  • Fund Accounting Configuration
  • DTF Balance Maintenance
  • Fund Accounting Process
  • Fund Management Overview
  • Fund Maintenance
  • Fund Inquiries
  • Reports by Fund

Encumbrance Accounting & Budget Protection

  • Encumbrance and Budget Protection Overview
  • Encumbrance Accounting Configuration
  • Budget Configuration: Options
  • Budget Configuration: Ledger Options
  • Over Budget Approvers
  • Budget Checker
  • Vendor Categories
  • Nonprofit Procurement Process
  • Reporting on Encumbrances